Voter Turnout Much Higher in General Election


Jacob Resneck/KMXT

Perhaps it’s not surprising but there was a much higher turnout for Tuesday’s General Election compared to municipal elections last month. Unofficial tallies show a turnout of about 34 percent compared to a 21 percent turnout on October 5th.

Kodiak Island Borough Clerk Nova Javier has been crunching the numbers.

(turnout1) :36 "The number of people … came out and voted."

Otherwise, votes cast by Kodiak’s electorate largely mirrored the results statewide. In the U.S. Senate race 39 percent of votes went to a write-in candidate, presumably incumbent U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski. Republican Joe Miller took 35 percent and Scott McAdams received 23 percent. Those numbers were within two points of statewide returns. Of course these numbers are still unofficial and the result is still days, if not weeks away. Preliminary results for the race between incumbent Republican House representative Alan Austerman and Democrat Terry Haines show Austerman receiving 2,227 votes, or 66 percent. Haines got 1,099 votes. State Senator Gary Stevens ran unopposed and received 2,936 votes; 112 votes went to write-ins.

In the gubernatorial race Kodiak gave incumbent Republican Sean Parnell 60 percent of the votes compared to nearly 59 percent statewide. In the U.S. House race, incumbent Don Young got 70 percent of the vote which was two points higher than the state as a whole in his successful defeat of Democratic challenger Harry Crawford.

The success and failure of ballot measures also mirrored statewide results. Proposition A, a measure to aid veterans with their mortgages, passed by a 66 percent margin. Statewide it received 62 percent. Proposition B, also a bonding measure, would provide $40 million for a new research facility on Kodiak’s Near Island as part of a nearly $400 million bond package. That passed locally with 66 percent compared to 59 percent statewide. Ballot Measure One, which would have expanded the size of the state’s Legislature, was defeated locally with 56 percent against compared to 59 percent statewide.

Kodiak’s voter rolls have also been updated. Inactive voters are scrubbed by the state Division of Elections every four years. But in this case the number of registered voters actually increased slightly. Records show 9,619 voters were on the rolls for last month’s municipal election. That number rose by 61 voters and now stands at 9,680.


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