Assembly Does Not Protest Brewery License


Maggie Wall/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly last week voiced no protest to a number of local liquor license renewals. However, one of those approved, for the local brewery, was nearly placed on a conditional list because of a shortage of restrooms.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall reports.

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What might have been a simple stamp of no-objection ended up occupying the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly for more than 20 minutes last Thursday night.

As part of a renewal process by the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board the borough is asked to check their records for any reason the license should not be renewed.

Borough Deputy Clerk Marylynn McFarland explained that a flag was raised when researching the Kodiak Island Brewery, located on Shelikof Ave. The brewery rents space in a building, which also houses the Rookery and Emerald Isle Framing.:

(((Brewery Lic 1 :14 "What we did was….conditional non-protest.")))

It was that phrase "conditional non-protest" that concerned a number of assembly members-and brewery owner Ben Millstein:

(((Brewery Lic :56 "I was told…more measured manner.")))

Borough Manager Rick Gifford told the assembly that the need for another restroom has been a sticking point with that building for some time. He cited a conversation with the local building inspector:

(((Brewery Lic 3 1:13 "He told me…toward solving the problem.")))

Millstein said later that the owner of the building, Lee James, now lives in Nevada.

Assembly woman Carol Austerman said it was unreasonable to penalize Millstein because of the borough’s problem with the building owner.:

(((Brewery Lic 4 :24 "My concern is…as a whole.")))

Assembly member Sue Jeffrey argued that the borough has a responsibility to provide for the health and safety of the public-and that the public is best served by honoring the codes that require a second restroom in the building. She noted that approving the liquor license renewal conditionally might actually benefit the brewery by forcing the issue.

Jeffrey was the sole vote in favor of a conditional approval. However, when the final vote was taken Jeffrey joined with the rest of the assembly to voice no objection to the renewal of the brewery’s liquor license.

The assembly left on record its conditional non-objection to the renewal of a license held by a local restaurant which is behind in tax payments. El Chicano’s liquor license was forwarded to the ABC with a conditional non-objection.

.In another liquor license related matter. The assembly voted 5 to 0 to a conditional no-objection to a new liquor license request for the Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge.

I’m Maggie Wall.

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