Council Shares Wish List with Legislators


Maggie Wall/KMXT

Local officials are hopeful of getting a number of major construction projects at least partially funded by the Alaska legislature. The Kodiak City Council met with local legislators during a work session last night to find out what they can expect.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall was there and has this report:

–((Council Worksession 3:40 "With Christmas…Jan 18th. SOC")))

With Christmas behind us you might be thinking that a wish list is history. Not so, when it comes to municipal projects. A wish list is a term used to describe a community’s Capital Improvements Program List–A list of projects that a community is hoping to get the state legislature to fund-in part, or in whole.

Given the state of the economy and declining oil revenues, full-funding of a big local project is about as likely as-well, seeing Santa come back next week with all the goodies you didn’t get last week.

But, the City of Kodiak is willing to pitch in a share of the money needed for local projects. That’s a good thing, according to Senator Gary Stevens, who shared his thoughts and concerns with the city council at last night’s work session.

(((Gary 1 :12 "I think what you’re….everything goes south.")))

Stevens told the council members present that the local Capital Improvements Program List-also called the CIP-is a vital tool for the legislature when it comes to funding projects:

(((Gary 2 :35 "I look at the CIP…to be on that list.")))

In Kodiak, the city and the borough have an interesting symbiotic relationship. There are occasional turf wars, but generally speaking, some things are city things, some things are borough things-and the community as a whole benefits from both.

That may make sense to someone who lives here and is familiar with the city/borough relationship, but both Stevens and Kodiak Representative Alan Austerman have said legislators outside Kodiak don’t see things that way. To them there is Kodiak-period. And two lists from Kodiak is both confusing and detrimental when it comes to state funding:

(((Gary 3 :28 "When you’ve been down…for your legislators.")))

Projects on the City’s CIP list include a UV water treatment facility, design of the new library, improvements to City Dock designed for pedestrians, improvements to Baranof Park, and a pathway from City Dock out to the city boundary at Deadman’s Curve.,

Stevens, Austerman and their staff will soon be on their way down to Juneau. The coming legislative session begins on Tuesday January 18.

I’m Maggie Wall.


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