‘Freshman 15’ With a Twist in New Pratner Novel


101202.freshman-15.jpgMaggie Wall/KMXT

If you’ve been a college freshman in recent years, you’ve likely heard of the "Freshman Fifteen". For the rest of us the Freshman Fifteen is a phrase used to describe the potential weight gain of a newly-on-their-own-student faced with the stresses and turmoil that come with the college life.

One hopes that after things settle down, the freshman gets a better handle on their new life-and that they eat better and lose the weight.

"The Freshman Fifteen" is the name of a new book by a newly-published Kodiak author who says the phrase takes on a whole new meaning in his fictional tale of a Minnesota college freshman.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall spoke with author David Pratner.

You can purchase or read an excerpt of "The Freshman Fifteen" on Amazon.com.

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