KICVB Entices Visitors With New Guide


Maggie Wall/KMXT

Kodiak’s new official visitor’s guide is now available for distribution. 53,000 copies were printed up arrived in Kodiak recently.

Katie Oliver is Board President for the Kodiak Island Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. She says 2011 guide is totally new inside and out.

–(((New Visitors Guide 1 :09 "Yea, I think…really proud of.")))

The visitor’s guide is a key tool for marketing Kodiak to off-island people considering coming to Alaska and to Kodiak.

The 2011 guide has the expected Kodiak bears on the cover. But this time the cover is super slick and shiny thanks to a special U-V coating. When they open it users will see a totally different product, including new articles and guides designed to both entice visitors to Kodiak, and to make their trip even better:

–(((New Visitors Guide 2 :58 "The visitor’s guide…is new.")))

Oliver says the guide also includes newly written versions of old standards:

–(((New Visitors Guide 3 :11 "And then there’s…all in there.")))

And, while the brand new 2011 guide is just now coming out-work is about to start on the 2012 visitor’s guide:

–(((New Visitors Guide 4 :11 "The staff will…we welcome that.")))

K-I-C-V-B Board President Katie Oliver.

You can pick up your own copy of the 2011 Kodiak visitor’s guide at the visitor’s center at the ferry dock downtown .

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