Lloyd, Haines, Interested in Fishery Liasion Job


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Former state Fish and Game Commissioner Denby Lloyd is offering his services to Kodiak’s city and borough governments to be a fisheries liaison at federal and state fishery management meetings. KMXT’s Jacob Resneck has more.

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That’s Denby Lloyd. Last Thursday he sent an email to Borough Mayor Jerome Selby expressing interest in a job.

The city and borough currently contract with the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce. Each government pays $45,000 a year that includes sending chamber executive director Trevor Brown to fisheries meetings on behalf of the community.

Kodiak Island Borough Manager Rick Gifford says the borough has been satisfied with Brown’s work. But that in light of the offer the Assembly would evaluate the proposal when it meets with the city on January 25th.


Lloyd isn’t the only person to have approached the borough and city recently with a proposal. Former City Councilman Terry Haines sent a letter last month offering to attend more sessions than the chamber director has time for.


Haines wasn’t aware of Lloyd’s offer. Speaking Friday from the sidelines of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting in Anchorage, his first response reflected his offbeat humor.


Haines then added that Lloyd would be a good fit for the hypothetical job.


Also reached from the fishery council meeting, Trevor Brown said the Chamber of Commerce would likely not object should the city and borough feel a dedicated liaison was needed.

Lloyd retired from Fish and Game on the first of the month where he had earned an annual salary of $137,268. Before being appointed as commissioner by then-Governor Sarah Palin he had held the top job at Kodiak’s Fish and Game headquarters. He says he and his wife plan to return to Kodiak this spring.

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