No Smoking In, or Near, Borough Property


Maggie Wall/KMXT

Add the Kodiak Island Borough to the list of municipalities around the state that have gone smoke free.

Effective the first of the year, smoking will no longer be allowed in or directly near borough owned or leased property.

As KMXT’s Maggie Wall reports, the borough assembly approved the smoke free measure at it’s Dec. 9th meeting.

— ((( Boro Smoke Free 4:05 "At a recent…Judy Fulp. .SOC.")))

At a recent borough assembly meeting, assembly members debated the best way to ensure that their desire to protect the public and borough employees from the dangers of second-hand smoke was fulfilled.

Local business owner Mel Stephens owns the Subway Building downtown. He pointed out that the plan sounds fine as long as the borough owns the building. But, the situation is not so clear cut in places where the borough might lease an office space:

–((( Smoke Free Stephens :50 "So if for instance…the ambiguity.")))

Assembly members considered changing the working of the ordinance, but agreed with Borough Mayor Jerome Selby that office leases should also be smoke free.:

—(((Smoke Free Jerome :28 "To me…a smoke free building.")))

Assembly members also wondered if the ordinance, as written would cover borough vehicles. Assembly woman Sue Jeffrey spoke with manager Rick Gifford and Mayor Selby about whether the personal policy regarding vehicles would suffice.:

–(((Smoke Free Vehicles :48 "So, if it’s…..we can do that.")))

Just prior to the unanimous vote to make the borough smoke free, Assembly Woman Judy Fulp expressed her appreciation for the ordinance and for the local shift toward a more smoke free Kodiak.:

–(((Smoke Free Judy Fulp :58 "Well I appreciate…I really appreciate it.")))

I’m Maggie Wall.

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