Thousands of Pounds, Dollars, Raised for KMXT by Lifters

Jay Barrett/KMXT

The Kodiak Athletic Club and KMXT annual Bench Press Competition was held over the weekend at the Kodiak High School gym. Participants competed to see how many times they could bench-press half their body weight, except in one men’s category, where the lone participant lifted his full body weight.

Heather Norton won the women’s division with 42-reps of 75 pounds. LaRue Albin lifted 70 pounds 38 times to take second and Leigh Thomet had 33 reps at 65 pounds for third.

In the men’s half-body-weight division, Todd Cook pounded out 82 reps at 95 pounds to take first place. Steve Miller had 72 reps at 80 pounds and Julian Hiner had 54 reps of 110 pounds for third.

The one lifter in the men’s full-body-weight division was Kalen Pederson, who hoisted 220 pounds 18 times.

Kerry Powers had 41 reps of 80 pounds to win the teen division, followed by Nolan Wandersee who pumped 140 pounds 20 times.

Chris Kavanaugh won the Special Olympics division with 46 reps of 75 pounds.

The annual bench press competition is a fundraiser for KMXT radio. Organizer Lindsey Knight, owner of the Kodiak Athletic Club, says over $2,000 was raised by the competitors, who solicited pledges for each lift they made.

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Women’s Division (Half-Body Weight)

Heather Norton 75 lbs x 42 reps

LaRue Albin 70 lbs x 38 reps

Leigh Thomet 65 lbs x 33 reps

Leslie Foy 70 lbs x 30 reps

Paula Ensign 60 lbs x 22 reps

Men’s Division (Half-Body Weight)

Todd Cook 95 lbs x 82 reps

Steve Miller 80 lbs x 72 reps

Julian Hiner 110 lbs x 54 reps

Dave Horn 100 lbs x 47 reps

Stosh Anderson 95 lbs x 44 reps

Ian Busell 120 lbs x 40 reps

Fred Hawley 75 lbs x 25 reps

Men’s Division (Full Body Weight)

Kalen Pderson 220 lbs x 18 reps

Teen Division (Half Body Weight)

Kerry Powers 80 lbs x 41 reps

Nolan Wandersee 140 lbs x 20 reps

Special Olympic Division

Chris Kavanaugh 75 lbs x 46 reps

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