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The expansion and renovation of the Kodiak High School took a huge step toward reality when the borough assembly Thursday night approved a contract for the architectural design.

The contract was one of several things the assembly authorized at last night’s regular assembly meeting.

–(((Boro Ass 5:42 "The Kodiak Island…and final vote. SOC.")))


The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly unanimously approved all three major items of business at last night’s meeting- approved more than $5 million for concept and architectural designs for the new high school, approved rezoning property at Rezanof and Woodland Drive, and approved in first reading an ordinance setting out when the mayor or assembly members can speak for the borough as a whole.

The school contract calls for the Juneau firm Jensen Yorba Lott Inc. to design the new $60.8 million high school. The $5.1 million dollar cost of design and architectural work is an estimate based on an industry standard related to a percentage of the total cost of a project.

Several assembly members emphasized that it is vital for the community to get involved in the design discussions early on:

–(((Boro Louise School :20 "If you’re interested….please participate now.")))

The rezoning issue dealt with a piece of property owned by the Painter Family Trust located at the corner of Woodland Drive and Rezanof.

Several neighbors of the property spoke out against rezoning the lot from rural residential to business. One was Christy Kinter who lives on Seabreeze Circle:

–(((Boro Ass 1 :35 "The area we…our properties and neighborhood.")))

Brett Simpler questioned the accuracy of the number of people who signed a petition in favor of the rezoning. His wife Kathy expressed a number of safety issues:

–(((Boro Ass 2 :26 "The area in front….safety of our children.")))

But Maria and Ron Painter stood by the accuracy of the petition signatures. Maria added that any future business on the lot might actually act as a safety buffer:

-(((Boro Ass 3 :14 "Having a house…from the highway.")))

The assembly agreed with the Planning and Zoning Commission that business was an appropriate zoning for the lot and voted according.

And finally, the assembly advanced to a public hearing and second reading an ordinance that would restrict the borough mayor and assembly members from stating the position of the borough in official testimony without prior discussion with or approval of the assembly.

The ordinance originally was proposed to cover the mayor’s comments, but was changed to include assembly members as well.

Both assembly members Sue Jeffrey and Dave Kaplan said they had reservations about the ordinance but wanted to hear what the public had to say. Sue Jeffrey:

–(((Boro Sue on Mayor :30 "I’m concerned…for input."

Assembly member Stutes-who originally requested the ordinance-said she liked its precision and directness:

–(((Boro Louise on Ordinance :20 "I will support ….what’s appropriate.")))

Borough Mayor Jerome Selby said after the meeting that he had no objection to the measure and that it pretty much summarized how the assembly and mayor had been handling things up until now.

Stutes first proposed the amendment following an incident last fall when Selby wrote a letter to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council regarding a local fisheries issue. Selby says that event was an isolated incident that occurred because a letter was needed during a short window of opportunity to submit comments.

The public will have an opportunity to speak to the issue at the next regular meeting when the ordinance comes up for a public hearing and final vote.

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