Borough Preparing to Sell Foreclosed Property


Maggie Wall/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Borough is preparing to sell a number of parcels which had belonged to owners who failed to pay property taxes.

Some of those parcels will be made available for purchase by auction, and others have caught the attention of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

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The parcels in question date back to tax year 2008. Bud Cassidy is the Borough’s Director of Community Development. He told the borough assembly at its Jan. 6 regular meeting that state law allows the borough to foreclose on properties-and either keep the properties for borough use, or sell the parcels to the public.

As you might expect before a sale happens a number of open meetings and public hearings and determinations must be made. In this case, both the planning and zoning commission and the borough mayor recommended selling the properties.

Cassidy spoke about the open sale parcels. There were no public comments, but Assembly Member Sue Jeffrey asked Cassidy to give details of the properties:

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That takes care of the properties that people will have a chance to bid on.

The borough also has a few properties that they declared had public uses. It’s those Amuk Island area lands that interests national wildlife refuge officials:

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Cassidy said the land sales are the last step in a long process. He emphasized that the borough does its best to give the original owner a chance to make good on the back taxes-and thus to keep the property.

–(((Chance to Redeem

Borough Community Development Director Bud Cassidy.

I’m Maggie Wall.

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