Local Teacher ‘Picks Clicks Gives’ to Baranof Museum


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For the third year in a row, Alaskans have the opportunity to put a portion of their Permanent Fund Dividend towards charity through Pick Click Give. The program, supported by the Rasmuson Foundation, matches PFD applicants with hundreds of the state’s many non-profit and charitable organizations.

As part of its promotion online, Pick Click Give on Facebook asked folks to "confess" what organization they would be giving money to. Part of the promotion was a random drawing giving $500 to one person for their favorite cause. Main Elementary kindergarten teacher Anne Oliver was the winner.

(PCG 1 20 sec "Isn’t that thrilling? … Oh my goodness, I was thrilled.")

The Baranof Museum just happens to be run by Anne’s sister, Katie Oliver, who claims there was no arm-twisting involved:

(PCG 2 45 sec "No, no threats at all! … could really have a big impact.")

Anne, who was raised in Kodiak, says the Baranof Museum has always been a part of her life – a tradition she’s passing on:

(PCG 3 24 sec "I came back to Kodiak … history, in that way.")

She said as a teacher, she also appreciates the many programs the Baranof provides to the schools.

There have been some problems with how the Pick Click Give system lists organizations. Not all Kodiak non-profits are listed under "Southcentral Alaska," which makes them harder to find. The advice Katie Oliver gives is to do a little bit of searching for your favorite cause:

(PCG 4 18 sec "I think it’s best to visit … bringing up all the organizations.")

Alaskans can give as little as $25 dollars, or as much as their whole PFD, to one or several non-profits. As of early Friday afternoon, nearly 3,000 individuals have made over 4,400 pledges for a total of $224,475. The goal of Pick Click Give this year is to raise $1.5-million.


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