President Obama’s Energy Challenge Resonates in Kodiak


Maggie Wall/KMXT

President Obama last week set a goal to get the U.S. off "dirty" fuel sources and using clean fuels.

He issued his challenge during the State of the Union Address. Kodiak has already surpassed the president’s goal with more than 90 percent coming from clean sources. So says Kodiak Electric Association President and CEO Darren Scott. He spoke with KMXT’s Maggie Wall.

-(((Obama Energy Goal 2 1:26 "2010 we were…technological challenges, too.")))

Now here is something quarky about the president’s challenge. He set the goal in terms of "clean" energy, not renewable. There is a difference. In fact, Scott says that despite all Kodiak’s rain and all the refilling of Terror Lake by rainwater, Terror Lake Hydro power is not considered a renewable resource. Go figure:

-(((Obama Energy Goal 3 :24 "You all the…heard urban legends.")))

Kodiak Electric Association’s Darren Scott.


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