Residents Can Track Power Source and Savings


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Kodiak’s wind turbines have caught the attention of Governor Sean Parnell-who, being the governor-wanted to know whether the state’s investment was paying off.

Kodiak Senator Gary Stevens attended a recent Kodiak City Council worksession. He told council members the story of his meeting with the governor.

Go to KEA’s web site to charts that show usage and compute cost to consumers based on which source – Terror Lake, diesel, or wind – supplies the power.

—(((Stevens on Wind Power 1 :55 "One of the …know answer to that.")))

So Stevens found out from Kodiak Electric Association just what kind of return Kodiak consumers were getting on the state’s investment:

–(((Stevens on Wind Power 2 :29 "We put $4 mill…what KEA has done."))

Senator Gary Stevens.

During 2010 the wind turbines provided more power to Kodiak than did the diesel engines. It was close, but wind power generated 8.5 percent of local usage, while diesel generated 7.5 percent.

While it’s not so visible as the windmills, nor on people’s minds as much, the Terror Lake Hydro Project provides the bulk of local power needs. Last year Terror Lake was responsible for 84 percent of Kodiak’s power supply.

A portion of KEA’s website is dedicated to tracking local wind turbine usage and the cost of power.

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