Snared Eagle to be Rehabilitated in Anchorage



A young eagle caught in a snar trap is freed by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee. The eagle was found by Kodiak Island Borough Code Enforcement Officer Jack Maker as he was making his rounds Monday. Photo by Jack Maker

Jacob Resneck/KMXT

A juvenile bald eagle found in a snare by the side of the road near Monashka Bay is recovering and will likely be flown to Anchorage for rehabilitation.

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The male bird was discovered by Kodiak Island Borough’s code enforcement officer, Jack Maker. Maker had stopped to investigate a site near White Sands Beach littered with household trash and animal carcasses.

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McCrea Cobb is a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

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Maker says the bird was still combative and didn’t want to try and handle him with his bare hands.

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After spending Monday night at the refuge headquarters, biologists have made the decision to transfer the young eagle to Anchorage.

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The federal wildlife refuge tracks the numbers of injured and dead eagles it comes across. In 2009, 34 eagles were either found dead or were in distress and died soon after being captured. Eight injured eagles were rehabilitated. Some are caught in traps but more commonly they’re electrocuted on power lines or hit by cars. Last year more than 20 were captured and rehabilitated either locally or by avian specialists in Anchorage.

Refuge Deputy Director Kent Sundseth says that if people find an eagle that’s trapped, wounded or even beyond help, they should still call it in.

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Even eagles that are clearly dead can be put to good use, he added.

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The young eagle found Monday is expected to survive. Biologists haven’t weighed him yet but estimate his wingspan to be about six feet.

Fish and Wildlife encourages those who discover a dead or injured eagle to call 486-2600.

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