Surgeon Sees Rise in Injuries Related to Icy Conditions


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Even by Kodiak standards, this has so far been a pretty icy winter. So icy in fact, that Dr. Alan Wolf, the orthopedic surgeon at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center, says he’s seen an increase in injuries related to falls on the ice.

(Ice 1 14 sec "Last year was not nearly … type of injuries.")

He said severe injuries are more likely to occur among those who are older, but he has treated patients as young as four years old.

Wolf said one quick fall could result in injuries that might take months or longer to recover from:

(Ice 2 15 sec "If you have a significant … injuries don’t happen.")

Wolf is promoting what he calls "Ice Cleat Days," in hopes of raising awareness of how serious slips on the ice can be. Here at KMXT we’ll be announcing on the air when it’s slippery enough to require ice cleats. As for what style of cleats – whether they have wire coils, chains or studs – Wolf doesn’t recommend one over the other:

(Ice 3 21 sec "The best ones are the ones … do you much good.")

In addition to cleats, Wolf has other tips for handling the ice:

(Ice 4 20 sec "Just walk more slowly … six months of heartache.")

Ice cleats are available at many stores around town, and range in price from about $20 to $50.

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