Mentoring Program Coming to Kodiak


Maggie Wall/KMXT

The Big Brother Big Sister program is coming to Kodiak. That’s the organization that matches a boy or girl with a mentor to spend time with and to help guide.

Just an hour a week or 2 to 4 hours a month is all they ask. But the rewards will last a lifetime-for both the volunteer and the child that they mentor.

Flossie Spencer is with the Big Brother Big Sister organization in Anchorage. She is in town this week to introduce the program to locals. She’s also looking for someone to head up the new local group-which is a paid position that has been advertised in the Kodiak Daily Mirror.

Spencer says there have long been requests to bring the organization to local kids and with the help of Sun’aq (SHU-nak) Tribe of Alaska, it’s finally fallen in place:

–((Big Bro Big Sis 1 :19 "Well Kodiak…very excited about it.")))

Big Brothers and Big Sisters are there for every child that wants or needs a mentor. The organization provides lots of group activities for all members as well as helping to set up special time for individual "Bigs" and "Littles," as Spencer calls them

–((Big Bro Big Sis 2 :35 "We have match…cultural activities."))

Spencer emphasizes that even though the grant to bring Big Brothers Big Sisters to Kodiak is part of a Alaska Native Mentoring Initiative Program, it is not limited to Natives. All children ages 6 to 18 are eligible for mentoring and she’s hoping to get a broad range of adults and elders of all kinds to volunteer as "Bigs."

–((Big Bro Big Sis 3 :18 "Match specialists are trained…all over the state."))

Flossie Spencer with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program in Anchorage.

For more information use the link at KMXT dot org.


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