ACS Closing Kodiak Store


Jay Barrett/KMXT

After about five years of operation, the consumer storefront for Alaska Communications Systems, or ACS, in Kodiak will be closing at the end of the month.

Company spokeswoman Heather Cavanaugh in Anchorage says the store closing does not signal a company withdraw from the community.

(ACS 2 20 sec "Absolutely not. In fact it was … great service to everybody.")

She says ACS will be taking steps to serve customers as best they can from Anchorage:

(ACS 3 42 sec "We’re trying to do everything … closing our doors there.")

Cavanaugh says the store’s two employees will be offered positions with the company elsewhere in the state.

ACS cell phones work on the C-D-M-A network, which was, until recently, incompatible with the Apple iPhone. Verizon Wireless now carries the new C-D-M-A version of the phone, and it may some day trickle down to smaller carriers like ACS:

(ACS 4 25 sec "We’d love to carry … plans in the near future.")

The ACS store, located on Rezanof Drive East, not far from KANA, will close on March 31st.


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