Assembly to Address Lake Fertilization, Capital Projects


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The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will consider a number of resolutions at its regular meeting tonight, including a measure supporting lake fertilization in three area lakes, and the borough’s capital projects priority list.KMXT’s Maggie Wall has more.

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A total of four resolutions are on tonight’s agenda. They include one supporting the Alaska Municipal League in its resolution to make changes to the Alaska Coastal Management Program and extend the program’s sunset date. The program is set to shut down on June 1.

Information in the assembly’s packet points out several examples where the coastal management program was especially important to Kodiak.

In one particular case in the past, when oil and gas exploration was occurring off Kodiak’s shores, the program provided a mechanism by which fishermen and the oil companies were able to sit down and work out a plan to allow exploration that worked around gear and fishing seasons.

The second resolution up for consideration tonight is the borough’s list of capital improvements that it would like the legislature to help pay for. The list includes the top priorities for the city and the various village around the island.

Top of the list for in-city projects is a new UV Water treatment facility.

The third resolution being considered tonight requests the state legislature fully fund the Energy Rebate Program. The resolution states that it is harder for rural Alaskans to take advantage of, and to meet the requirements of, the state’s Energy Rebate Program. It asks that the legislature fully fund the program to benefit all Alaskans.

And finally, the fourth resolution would support the implementation of lake fertilization for the Karluk, Frazer and Spiridon Lakes by the Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association.

KRAA’s Gary Byrne (Burn) says the project would not feed the fish, but would feed the organisms the fish feed on. He explains that the fertilization project:

-((Boro Preview :55 "See the nutrients…2 or 3 years."))

Byrne says KRAA will monitor the lakes and the fish over the years to adjust the project as necessary.

The borough assembly meets tonight in the assembly chambers beginning at 7:30. KMXT will broadcast the meeting live.


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