Electronic Support Command Moving to Juneau


Jay Barrett/KMXT

When the radar goes out on a Coast Guard Cutter in the middle of the Bering Sea, it’s someone at the Electronic System Support Unit in Kodiak that gets the call to provide tech support. The same goes for all manner of Coast Guard communications, computers and other modern technology needs around the state.

But soon that first call for service will likely go through Juneau rather than Kodiak. The E-S-U, as it’s called, will be moving, along with its commander, Lane Johnson, to Juneau. Services provided out of Kodiak, however, shouldn’t change, according to Lieutenant Dennis Good, the administrative officer of the ESU.

(Electronic Support 1 35 sec "For Kodiak, you’re really … officer from Juneau.")

The range of support, and the variety of platforms the ESU works on, runs the gamut from smartphones to ships’ radar:

(Electronic Support 2 33 sec "We provide a lot of support … level of support.")

As technology advanced, the Coast Guard saw a need for a high-tech detachment, and in 1987 created the Electronics Maintenance Detachment in Kodiak. By 1989, it took over the telephone division of ComSta Kodiak, and in 1990, the Electronic Support Unit was created. Good says the current change in command location is part of the Coast Guard’s modernization efforts:

(Electronic Support 3 16 sec "There’s been a lot of … of those services.")

Once the ESU formally relocates to Juneau on Friday, an "Electronics Support Detachment" will be established in Kodiak. Commander Johnson is expected to relocate in June.


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