No Prize, But Plenty of Experience for Keyse at Mr. Fur Face Contest


110306.keyse.jpgKodiak’s beard champion, 31-year-old Matt Keyse, says he looks forward to competing next year. Jacob Resneck/KMXT photo

Jacob Resneck/KMXT

Kodiak’s beard champion Matt Keyse (keys) represented The Rock at the state championship last weekend in Anchorage. The 31 year old whose signature mutton chops were the crowd favorite at Kodiak’s contest had been vying for the state title of Mr. Fur Face at the Fur Rendezvous’ Miners and Trappers Ball in Anchorage.

KMXT caught up with Keyse Sunday in the Anchorage airport as he made his way home.

He said the city had offered an impressive field of beards.

— beards 1 :24 "There was everything … with a beard."

The Kodiak contest had raised $642 for Threshold Recycling and helped send Keyse to compete in Anchorage where he said there were a lot of firsts.

— beards 2 :13 "Yep, this was my … cherries this weekend; it was good."

Kodiak’s best beard didn’t win the event but said he’s learned a lot from going the distance and vowed to be a more formidable competitor next year.

— beards 3 :27 "I did get some … go a little bit farther with it."

You can see a picture of Keyse’s signature mutton chops on our website at KMXT dot ORG.

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