Opportunity to Dispose Hazardous Commercial Waste


Jay Barrett/KMXT

There’s a rare opportunity to dispose of commercial hazardous waste here in Kodiak next week, but you’ll need to act quickly – the deadline for signing up for the service is Friday.

Clean Harbors is an environmental services company based near Seattle. It’s the same company the Kodiak Island Borough uses to transport hazardous waste collected at the landfill over the last year. By signing up this week, companies can piggyback on the borough’s contract price for a significant savings.

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That’s Woody Koenig, the director of engineering and facilities for the borough.

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Companies are limited to 2,000 pounds, and may not bring materials that are – among other restrictions – radioactive, infections or unknown. Prices range from 14-cents per foot for fluorescent light tubes to $135 for 85-gallon drums of bulk waste. Corrosives, solvents, oil-based paints, pesticides and poisons are all fair game.

Koenig reminds homeowners that household hazardous waste can be accepted at any time.

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Companies wanting to ship out hazardous waste must sign up by Friday. There is an application form on the borough’s web site.


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