Runway Fencing Draws Mixed Reaction at Council Session


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A fence restricting access to the municipal airport will be installed even though it will eliminate a path people use to get from the far side of Lilly Lake to the town side of the runway. The fence will cut off a trail between Larch and Mill Bay Road which has some neighbors upset. KMXT’s Maggie Wall has more.

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Several people attending last night’s city council work session discussed a photo taken on the runway at the municipal airport. There’s a bit of a bump in the runway and it blocks visibility to the end. That’s part of the problem which necessitates the fence-the concern that someone cutting across the runway will get hit by a plane.

Four people took advantage of the 3 minute public comments during the work session to address the issue. Three wanted the path to remain open, one supported the fence.

Natasha Zahn Pristas lives on Larch:

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Zahn Pristas, along with many others have used the path for years and would like to see the path remain open:

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The Ted that Zahn Pristas refers to is Ted Hansen who also testified last night. Hanson pointed out that the path people use crosses several pieces of private property, including cutting through the Lily Lake Condos.

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The runway fence is part of a bigger project to make the three city airports safer. In another part of the work session, consultants discussed upgrades to the Trident Basin Float Plane Facility as well as those to Lily Lake and the municipal airport. Safety is one goal. Limiting the city’s exposure to liability is another.

If you’ve driven near Mill Bay Road and Von Scheele Way lately, you may have noticed the trees have all been cut at that end of the runway. Better visibility is just one part of making the airports safer. The fence is another.

Council members discussed options for locating a new path outside the runway perimeter. Zahn Pristas said that’s encouraging.

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Testimony from last night’s city council work session regarding a new fence around the municipal airport.

I’m Maggie Wall.


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