Brodie: Miller Smoothed Reapportionment Process; Will be Missed


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The head administrator for the state board responsible for redrawing legislative districts has died. Sixty-five-year-old Ron Miller died suddenly early Sunday of an apparent heart attack.

He was executive director of the Alaska Redistricting Board, which is charged with redrawing the 40 House and 20 Senate districts to conform to population shifts reflected in the 2010 U.S. Census.

Kodiak’s Bob Brodie is a member of the redistricting board. He said he got the news of Miller’s death from board chair John Torgerson.

(Miller 1 24 sec "Yes, yes, we were all shocked … process of redistricting.")

Brodie said that as executive director, Miller coordinated all the board’s activities:

(Miller 2 50 sec "He had people under him … Sunday morning, he was gone.")

The board is working on a strict, constitutional time limit to get the redistricting accomplished, and Brodie says Miller’s absence will certainly set their progress back:

(Miller 3 42 sec "But I don’t know if there’s … what the process will be.")

Brodie says the board was hoping this week to go over redistricting plans submitted by special interest groups and municipalities:

(Miller 4 25 sec "Fairbanks and Anchorage … expected at any moment.")

The board is facing a June 14th deadline to come up with the final reapportionment plan.


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