Secret Submarine Base Part of Womens Bay History



Submarines tied up in Womens Bay. Photo from Kodiak Military History Museum

Maggie Wall/KMXT

If you’ve been around Kodiak a while, you may have heard the story about the secret submarine base that was located in Womens Bay at the base of Marine Hill.

As it ends up, that is not just a Kodiak myth, it’s a true story. KMXT’s Maggie Wall has more.

For many years a dilapidated dock rotted into Womens Bay near the base of Marine Hill. It was past the beach, farther along the shoreline. That supposedly was the location of a secret submarine base during World War II.

The whole thing made a great story-it was even plausible given other stories about subs following ships down to Seattle…Back in the 40’s virtually the ONLY way to get to Seattle was by ship.

As it ends up this is no Kodiak myth-there really was a secret submarine base located in Womens Bay at the base of Marine Hill.

Dave Ostlund is the director of the Kodiak Military History Museum:

-((Sub Base 1:45 ….it was gated off."))

On another submarine note, a number of people who lived here during the war years have said they remember being followed by Japanese submarines on the way to Seattle. While he says not every incident was likely to have been a submarine, Ostlund says, it’s possibly that some of those stories are true.

–((Subs follow 1:18 …spread pretty thin."))

Dave Ostlund talking about Japanese submarines around Kodiak during World War II.

If you’ve got a good story related to the base, consider contributing it to the conversation during the upcoming 70th Anniversary celebration of the commissioning of the naval base which is now home to the Coast Guard.

The base will host a community event to mark the day of commissioning-June 15, 1941-and is looking for people to tell their stories about the base.

If you’ve got a story to share call Lt. Amanda Henderson at 487-5180 extension 108.

I’m Maggie Wall.

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