Summer School Geared for Learning, Fun


Maggie Wall/KMXT

When a person thinks of summer school, it often carries a negative connotation. But summer school at Kodiak College means opportunities-for more focused learning, for fun classes, for personal improvement.

Barb Bolson is the director at Kodiak College:

-((College Classes 1 :15 "and if you look…how cool is that?"))

Bolson says a number of classes offered this summer are designed to help people come up to speed on a subject-such as math, or English as a second language-in a more individually paced environment.

-((College Classes 2 : 12 "So it’s a good…. Enjoy themselves here."))

Bolson says she’s really proud of the college and all the people who attend classes there. The 2011 graduating class was the biggest yet for the school, with almost 50 student completing a program or degree at the college.

-((College Classes 3 :44 "And that was…so inspired by them."))

If you’re interested in picking up a class or two this summer, there’s still time to register. You can do that on-line or at the college.

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