Survival Suit Race Results

Jay Barrett/KMXT

The 32nd Annual Norm Holm Memorial Survival Suit Race was held Saturday during Crab Fest, with the Rohrer Bear Camp team taking first in 1-minute 13.27-seconds. Team members were Sam Rohrer, Jeff Brubakey, Jason Bunch and John Neil.

The Liquid Sunshine team of Jori Lindquist, Laura Griffing, Nando Macinko and Celeste Beck-Goodell was second in 1:21, followed in third by the Fishin’ Magician team of Cole Christiansen, Brandon Schauff, Axl LeVan and Scott Walker.

32nd Norm Holm Memorial Survival Suit Race
Sponsored By Kodiak Fisherman Wives & Associates
Crab Festival Saturday, May 28, 2010 1 p.m.

1st: Rohrer Bear Camp – 1:13:27
Sam Rohrer
Jason Bunch
Jeff Brubakey
John Neil

2nd: Liquid Sunshine – 1:21:05
Jori Lindquist
Laura Griffing
Nando Macinko
Celeste Beck-Goodell

3rd: Fishin Magician – 2:06:20
Cole Christiansen
Brandon Schauff
Axl LeVan
Scott Walker

4th: Surf City – 2:09:10
Naomi Beck-Goodell
Ruben Ivanoff
Anitra Winkler
Sophie Hogen

5th: USCGC Spar II – 2:24:30
James K Goodman
Wes Stanton
Johnny Barefoot
Joe Spivey

6th: USCGC Spar I – 2:26:04
Michael Willis
Josh Brown
Christopher Dyar
Mary Doyle

7th: USCGC Alex Haley – 2:27:38
James Madison
Jose Pons
Adam Gierginger
Evan Olson

8th: Steaming Seagull Burgers – 2:28:13
Urchan Ivanoff
Ostrich Eagle
Salty Dog Roe
Bottom Feeder Ivanegg

9th: Not From Concentrate – 2:30:14
Aaron Owen
David Cobban
Jason Foster
Brian Large

10th: USCGC Commsta Kodiak – 2:36:05
Erin Erwin
Adam Harris
Amanda Griffiths
David Call

11th: Training the Kids DQ – 3:14:50
Sam Rohrer
Jason Bunch
Anna Rohrer
Seth Burnett

12th: Water Yettis DQ – 4:33:89
Levi Van Curren
Cash Crissup
Ben Watkins
Kalen Pederson

13th: Ballet Babes DQ – 5:40:20
Anelise Zimmer
Hailee Warner
Nique De La Fuente
Hailey Thompson

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