Boiler and Other Upgrades in Store for East Elementary


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

At its regular meeting Thursday night, the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly approved a $1 million contract with Brechan Enterprises for a series of projects at East Elementary that include replacing a generator, fuel tanks and boilers. The building would also provide needed storage space for the school.

Woody Koning, engineering and facilities director for the borough, explained what the project would entail.

(East Boiler 1: :33 sec "Basically the main entrance…storage for gym.")

Four contractors bid on the project. The lowest bidder withdrew, making Brechan what they call "the lowest responsible bidder." Brechan’s $1 million bid was more than $200,000 less than the borough’s estimate for the project.

Borough Manager Rick Gifford said the generator portion of the project could receive state funding if the governor doesn’t veto the project.

(East Boiler 2: :29 sec "If the governor does not veto…so that is what we will do")

Assembly man Jerrol Friend noted that aside from being an educational space, East Elementary acts as an emergency shelter and back up for Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center if needed.

(East Boiler 3: :18 sec "East, a lot of people…considered on governor’s list.")

Construction in areas normally accessible by students and teachers is expected to be complete in August, when classes resume. The entire project should be finished in October.


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