Council Kills Animal Control Outside City Limits


Maggie Wall/KMXT

In passing the city’s budget for the coming year, the Kodiak City Council showed solidarity with staff members who had to deal with cuts.

But the council made it known that it was not pleased with the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly for cutting its funding to animal control. To make a point, the council cut more than $84,000 effectively putting an end to animal control outside the city.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall has more.

-((City Council 2:28 "The Kodiak City…on July 1st."))

The Kodiak City Council last night approved the city’s budget for next fiscal year praising the manager and staff for their work to bring it in line despite increasing costs in many areas such as fuel and health care.

The council did its part in bringing its own numbers into line by eliminating the annual legislative reception and some council travel.

Council man John Whiddon said it’s not a huge amount of money, but it sends a message. Council woman Pat Branson agreed:

-((John Whiddon / Pat Branson :52 "I just want to…alignment with them."))

Part of the reason given for eliminating the legislative reception was because the borough pulled its support during its recent budget process.

The borough also pulled support for the animal control officer which has been shared by both local governments.

Pat Branson said if the borough isn’t going to chip in on the costs then the city is no longer going to provide animal control outside city limits:

-((Pat Branson :35 "I move to…outside the city limits."))

The newly passed budget goes into affect July 1st.

I’m Maggie Wall.


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