Feared Budget Retaliation Did Not Materialize


Maggie Wall/KMXT

While budget-followers around the state were concerned how and where the governor would use his veto pen, local officials were especially cautious as they awaited word on the final cuts.

As senate president, Kodiak’s Gary Stevens lead a bi-partisan coalition of legislators in the Senate who stood firm in opposition to the governor’s proposal to cut taxes to Alaska’s big oil producers.

Stevens said during a special session stand off that the oil industry did not provide adequate documentation to show that the tax breaks were needed, nor did they show that such cuts would result in more jobs or more investments by oil companies.

The governor said after the special session that he did not plan to retaliate by unduly slashing Kodiak projects. Stevens praised to governor for not targeting Kodiak. While several projects in other areas of Stevens’ senate district got axed, Kodiak had an impressive number of its projects funded.

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