Leisnoi Elections Go Before Judge

Jay Barrett/KMXT

An Anchorage judge will decide if there will be a new board of directors for Leisnoi Incorporated, a local Native village corporation.

According to newly-elected board president Debra Lukin, there was a special shareholders meeting last Tuesday in Anchorage for the purpose of recalling the incumbent board of directors. She said in a written response for comment that 59.95-percent of Leisnoi shareholders were present at the meeting, either in person or by proxy. She says 55.99-percent of the votes were in favor of recalling Frank Pagano, Carole Pagano and Tanya Pavloff, the three remaining board members after two others resigned earlier this year.

In addition to Lukin, the others elected to the board are Jana Turvey, Shannon Johnson, Jeff Chester and Jay Baldwin. Baldwin was one of the two who resigned in March. The new board met and elected Lukin president.

The next day, on June 15th, the newly-elected board members asked Anchorage Superior Court Judge Frank Pfiffner to declare the special election valid and allow the new board to take over the corporation. They also asked the judged for a temporary restraining order prohibiting the destruction of any documents associated with Leisnoi by the incumbent board.

Lukin said in her prepared statement that Judge Pfiffner recognizes the shareholders of Leisnoi require a prompt resolution of the matter and indicated he would hear the case on an expedited basis, though no timeline is given. In the meantime, Pfiffner told the incumbent board and new board to submit, by the end of this week, an agreement keeping in place the status quo while the case is decided.

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