New Taxi Regulations Take Effect Saturday


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If you get into a cab on Saturday, you probably won’t notice it, but a totally revamped ordinance regulating local cabs will have just gone into effect.It is the product of several years of meetings and negotiations.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall has more.

(Taxis 4:23 "A lot has…own business. SOC.")

A lot has changed in Kodiak since the 1970s, but one thing that didn’t change much in all that time was the ordinance controlling taxis and vehicles for hire.

The ordinance was totally revamped to bring it more current and in-line with reality. It goes into effect June 4.

Taxi owner and driver Donna Jones cites one example of the changes and why they were needed:

-((Taxis 1 :27 "Twenty, 30 years ago…anybody else involved."))

City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski said local taxi operators and others affected by the changes played a big role in how the new ordinance developed:

-((Taxis 2 :28 "I think the feedback…difficult to use ordinance."))

Another local cab owner and driver is Bonnie McDonald. She anticipated putting her third cab on the streets as the new regulations go into effect.

McDonald’s assessment of the new code matches Knieziowski’s comment. She doesn’t agree everything, but is pleased with the new ordinance:

-((Taxis 2 :31 "Well basically the old…need to be tweeked."))

Jones too, is pleased to see changes. But, adds with so many changes as once it will take time to see how well the new code work:

-((Taxis 3 :19 "You know…as time goes on."))

Some of the problems cited by McDonald and Jones include the paperwork and trip sheets and how the city will handle complaints by users, which McDonald says are few.

Both women agree that the new rule regarding time at the wheel is a big, common-sense-in-Kodiak improvement. Donna Jones:

-((Taxi 4 :43 "I do anticipate… at this time."))

Kodiak has 26 taxi cab permits. For many years there was just one cab dispatching service-A&B Taxi. Then Jones and McDonald went through the hoops of the old rules to become dispatchers. Both agreed that the new, easier rules for becoming a dispatcher is another plus. It opens up many opportunities for people who want to control their own cabs and run their own cab business.

The new vehicle for hire ordinance goes into effect June 4th.

I’m Maggie Wall.


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