Reds Running Thick on Buskin


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If you want to get in on the great sockeye fishing on the Buskin River you’d better get with it.

Both the Buskin and the Afognak River are seeing strong runs of reds this year and the Buskin run is expected to peak in the next 7 to 10 days.

That’s the short version of the sockeye story from Kodiak Area Sportfish Management Biologist Donn Tracy.

ADF&G’s Kodiak Sportsfishing Report can be found here.

(Go Fishing 1    :39   “If they want…go fishing.!”)

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is projecting that both the Buskin and the Karluk will exceed escapement goals. But, Tracy says, since only 20 to 25 percent of the historic run has gone through the weirs, it’s too early to say whether or not the projected number of fish will actually materialize.

—          (Go Fishing 2    :33  “Still, even though…those surplus fish.”)

The Buskin is one of three red salmon runs on the road system. The others are the Pasagshak and the Saltry River-though the Saltry requires more effort to ride out to. The Pasagshak sockeye return starts mid-June, peaks in early July and is over by the end of July. The Saltery is the latest, and typically the largest red run within driving distance. It usually begins in early July and peaks later in July.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has a boat-load of information on fishing salmon and other species around the island.

One is an 8-page Kodiak specific fishing report which gives the particulars for fishing on or off the road on Kodiak Island, including which fish run when and where, and what to use to catch them.

A link to the Kodiak fishing report is on our website which is KMXT dot org.

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