Tsunami Response Exercise Saturday


Jay Barrett/KMXT

If you see a large number of military and emergency responders roaming the streets of Kodiak tomorrow (Saturday) morning, do NOT be alarmed – it’s not a disaster. But, they will be training for one – specifically an earthquake and tsunami.

Sergeant First Class Jeff Alberts explains the activities that will take place – mostly downtown – starting tomorrow morning.

(Exercise 1 57 sec "We’re going to simulate … have to react to.")

In other words, the scenarios will be changing on the fly to better simulate a real disaster.

Captain David Kang, with the Alaska National Guard Reconnaissance and Surveillance Squadron in Anchorage, says the training is mostly geared for the soldiers, but there will be training opportunities for local responders in the future:

(Exercise 2 48 sec "This event is open … their culminating event.")

As Kang said, the soldiers and others involved will welcome questions and interaction with innocent bystanders during the exercise. Parts of the training begin tonight, but they will be conducting the exercise starting at 8 a.m. tomorrow on Marine Way, on the Coast Guard Base and at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center. Police Chief T.C. Kamai said he did not anticipate any road closures or traffic detours to be necessary.


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