Using Online Social Networking for a Cleaner Kodiak


trash-walk-facebook.jpgMaggie Wall/KMXT

Don’t walk on by, stop and pick it up.

So says Judi Kidder who recently started a new Facebook page to make it fun to keep Kodiak clean.

Named "Kodiak Trash Walk and Trash Talk" the page is a spot to post trash sightings, tales of your recent walks and trash picked up along the way, and to share other trashing tales of debris.

(Trash Talk 1 :20 "I started..picking up trash.")

But Kidder is not one to be happy just picking stuff off the ground, she’s into picking the trash apart to see what’s in there:

(Trash Talk 2 :23 "What I was doing…and make a difference.")

Being from New Zealand, Kidder has a unique perspective on trash and recycling. Kiwis live on an island and face many of the same trash-related problems we do in Kodiak. As a country, New Zealand has chosen to take a tough stand on trash and push hard for recycling.

Kidder says we could learn a few things from her native land:

(Trash Talk 3 :38 "I come from…incentive for Kodiak.")

Judi Kidder’s Facebook page is "Kodiak Trash Walk and Trash Talk."


Facebook Page:

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