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Alaska is known worldwide for its strict and effective fisheries management. Last week, the state, and Kodiak in particular, got to show off just how the management system operates when it hosted two French travelers documenting examples of sustainable business worldwide. KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs has more.

Florent Planas and Nicolas Goursot are on a journey of a lifetime. They left France in February to begin a worldwide tour of sustainable organizations and businesses that help preserve biodiversity.

(French Travellers 1: :49 sec "So the target for us…change part of their life.")

Their journey has allowed them a glimpse at rainforest management in Brazil, species preservation in Ecuador, swamp management in Louisiana and organic textile manufacturing in Texas, just to name a few. The two have an extensive itinerary before them, travelling to more than 20 countries in one year. Places many only go for exotic vacations and decadent honeymoons.

While the two acknowledge how lucky they are to see and experience these places, they are quick to explain that the organizations are what bring them there.

(French Travellers 2: :31 sec "The target was…and we are happy to be here.")

In Kodiak, Planas and Goursot met with members of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council along with scientists and fishermen to learn about what they call the most sustainable fisheries in the world.

(French Travellers 3: :46 sec "We were just amazed…I’m trying to stick to it.")

They said the mindset people have about preserving fisheries is a good one to have.

(French Travellers 4: :11 sec "Here what we see…long term like this.")

The pair maintains a website of their travels that contains a blog, profiles of each organization they visit and links to articles they write for French media and publications. They also take photographs and video of their journey with the hopes of maybe writing a book or making a documentary film.

For now, they said just want to provide the world with information and good examples that will make people think more about the environment.

(French Travellers 5: :16 sec "We don’t sell or tell…try to reduce my footprint.")

According to them, their stay in Kodiak only made them want to stay longer.

(French Travellers 6: :09 sec "The more we stay…that is for sure, laughs .")

Planas and Goursot left Kodiak Tuesday morning. They plan on hitchhiking their way through Alaska and making their way to Vancouver, British Columbia, where they will take a cargo ship to Japan, the next stop on their journey.

Aside from a few non profit sponsors for camera equipment, the travels of Planas and Goursot are paid for out of their own pocket. KMXT has a link to their website,, where you can track their journey and if inspired, make a donation to their cause. You can also follow them on Facebook.

I’m Brianna Gibbs.


KMXT has a link to their website where you can track their journey and if inspired, make a donation to their cause. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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