Arndt Wants Term Limits for Borough Offices


Maggie Wall/KMXT

Elected borough office holders could face term limits if a petition being circulated around town makes it to the ballot.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall has more.

(Term Limits 2:18 SOQ")

Long-time Kodiak resident Lorna Arndt says she wants to give someone else a chance to serve in borough office. Plus, the mandatory shuffling of people eligible to run for borough office would provide new ideas and fresh blood:

-((People can’t get on 1 :15 "I have a lot…not just a few."))

Arndt is the person spearheading the petition to place on the fall election ballot the question whether or not to limit terms for Kodiak Island Borough mayor, borough assembly and school board.

If the measure goes on the ballot it would limit terms of office to two consecutive terms and it would require a six year break before being eligible to run again:

-((2 terms on, 2 off :08 "So what are they…can run again."))

She said that six year mandatory break in office would clear the decks and give some new people a chance at being elected:

-((Same ones same vote :16 "Because you…new ideas."))

In recent years, there were often just enough candidates to fill local positions. Many times it would come right down to the final hours of the final days and it would still be anyone’s guess whether there would even be enough candidates to fill the open seats.

Arndt says that’s a sign of people’s discouragement in trying to get elected when faced with well-known, long-time office holders:

-((Gotta get them interested :18 "But I think…day and night (laugh)."))

Arndt’s short-term goal is set by code-400 signatures by Friday the 22nd. As of this past Saturday, she was one-fourth of the way there.

I’m Maggie Wall.


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