Assembly Turns Away Service District Repair Reimbursement


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While the recent borough budget process determined what will be spent during the current, new fiscal year, at least one decision settled a long-haggled difference between the borough and Service District One.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall has more.

(Drainage 4:10 SOC)

One of the items axed from the Kodiak Island Borough’s budget for the Fiscal Year 2012 was funding to partially reimburse Service District 1 for emergency drainage repair work last year.

The drainage issue has been an on-going tug of war. The service district said it acted in good faith when it repaired the system that failed last fall and winter. The borough said the drain fail is not an area-wide problem, therefore it’s not the borough’s responsibility to pay for it.

Not only did this matter pit service district against borough, it also split the borough assembly right down the middle-which required the mayor to cast one of his few tie-breaking votes

The drainage area in question is quite large. It actually originates up by North Star Elementary. Water naturally flows from there down to Rezanof Drive East and then on down to Mill Bay Beach.

More specifically this particular problem originated with a faulty drainage system for a small subdivision located along Rezanof Drive near the Bayside Firehouse. It allowed water to back up, wash over Rezanof and caused the bike path on the opposite side to wash out.

The borough signed off on the problematic subdivision years ago and that says Scott Arndt makes it the borough’s responsibility:

-((Drainage 1 :37 "The subdivision…by the borough, no."))

Arndt who is the Service District One chairman spoke during the June 2 assembly budget meeting where he argued that the full $70,000 to it cost to fix the problem should be included in the current year’s budget and reimbursed to the service district.

The issue is further muddied because the three properties directly adjacent-and which benefited most from the work-do not pay service district taxes since their homes front on Rezanof.

Assembly woman Sue Jeffrey:

-((Drainage 2 :35 "If it was…support the amendment.))

The caller Jeffrey mentioned was Scott Griffin, a member of the Women’s Bay Service District. He said if the borough was going to reimburse Service District One for the work, he had a list of projects in the Flats the borough could help pay for:

-((Drainage 4 1:04 "I understand…first approved."

Assembly members Jerrol Friend and Louise Stutes argued that the borough should take responsibility:

-((Drainage 5 :38 "I think…move forward."

In the end the assembly remained split and mayor Jerome Selby cast the deciding vote to zero out the reimbursement.

-((Drainage 6 :30 "This is…motion carries."))

The borough’s budget for the new year went into effect July 1.

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