Deadline Looms for Visitor Guide Submissions


Maggie Wall/KMXT

While a lot of people are busy entertaining visiting family this time of year, at least one group is plotting out strategies for next summer.

That would be the people involved in Kodiak’s visitor industry.

Kodiak Island Convention and Visitors’ Bureau Executive Director Janet Buckingham says her staff is wrapping up work on the 2012 visitors’ guide.

(Visitors Guide 1 :32 "In 2011…in there.")

The reason Buckingham mentioned photos is that they are still looking for good shots of Kodiak to include in the new visitors’ guide. The guide is known for the large number of new and varied photos that come about by people contributing favorites from their personal stash.

And, while Kodiak is known in the visitor industry as Alaska’s Emerald Isle, there’s another reason to associate the visitors’ guide with the color green. This time think green as in environmentally friendly:

(Visitors Guide 2 :41 "We were trying…sustainable practices.’)

The deadline for next year’s visitor’s guide is fast approaching with Monday the 25th being the last day for submitting ads for the 2012 guide.

On a related note, Buckingham says there are no official statistics, but anecdotal evidence points to this year being another success for local visitor related businesses.


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