Kavanaugh on JOTR: Will Continue Powerlifting



Special Olympian Christopher Kavanaugh (the one with all the medals) with Jock of the Rock co-host Ron Sears on Saturday in the KMXT Studios. Pam Foreman photo

Jay Barrett/KMXT

Kodiak’s Special Olympics Gold Medalist was a guest on KMXT’s Jock of the Rock Saturday. Hosts Derek Clarkston and Ron Sears welcomed 20-year-old Christopher Kavanaugh and all four of the medals he won in the World Games held in Athens, Greece.

(Kavanaugh 1 42 sec "I think we can hear … South Korea in two years.")

Kavanaugh returned to Kodiak on Thursday to a packed airport terminal.

(Kavanaugh 2 26 sec "I thank everyone for the … on that Wheaties Box thing.")

Kavanaugh said he was inspired to excel in the Special Olympics 10 years ago when the last medalists from Kodiak brought home the gold.

(Kavanaugh 2 12 sec "Yeah, the floor hockey … a lot of other nice things.")

The Kodiak floor hockey team won gold in the Special Olympics World Winter Games held in and around Anchorage in 2001. Kavanaugh said he’s competed in many different events over the years, but chose to excel in power lifting.

(Kavanaugh 3 25 sec "Well, because Lindsey and Derek … regular power-lifting.")

Kavanaugh said says he’s been in Special Olympics for so long, he’s considering taking a break from it for a while. He said it would give others a chance to win some medals.


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