Kodiak Schools Do Well With Reading Program


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Borough School District is set to receive the results of a pilot reading program this summer. Last school year, the district brought in a representative from Lindamood-Bell, a California-based company specializing in reading comprehension research, to certify special education teachers at Main, East, North Star and Peterson Elementary Schools in a new way to teach reading.

Paul Worthington is the director of professional development for Lindamood-Bell and said teaching reading can be like rocket science.

(Lindamood 1: :33 sec "Districts like Kodiak have come … learning how to read.")

The Lindamood-Bell approach to reading comprehension is a three step process that involves determining where a student struggles, designing a learning program specific to them and then using intense small group education to get the student to a reading ability appropriate for their age.

(Lindamood 1: :29 sec "So what we train the teachers and … for middle school.")

Worthington said if a child is struggling with reading, they will most likely be struggling with other subjects.

(Lindamood 1: :40 sec "There is no such thing … casualty in educational system.")

He said the company must present program results, which are based on pre and post program testing of students who did the program, to the school board. Kodiak’s results were positive and Worthington said he is looking forward to sharing them with the board.


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