Library Grant Accepted; Non-Profits Funded


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Leaders in a number of local non-profit organizations, and the Kodiak Public Library Association can breathe a sigh of relief following last night’s regular city council meeting.

As KMXT’s Maggie Wall reports, the council approved its annual non-profit funding, and also approved the city accepting a state grant to help build the new library.

In the interest of full disclosure, Kodiak Public Broadcasting Corporation, which owns KMXT, received $15,000 in funding.

(City Council 4:32 SOC)

The Kodiak City Council last night approved the city’s annual funding for local non-profits, accepting a state grant for nearly $7 million for the new library, and approving the hiring of an Anchorage firm as the project manager for the library construction project.

Looking first at the non-profit funding, the council passed unanimously a resolution outlining which groups got what amount of money. The listing was mostly hashed out during Tuesday’s work session and includes roughly $117-thousand divied up among four categories of services-youth recreation, adult recreation, public safety and emergency response.

A new strategy this time around raised red flags for several council members at Tuesday’s work session. Five of the non-profits-including KMXT-requested funds in more than one category.

That prompted questions about "double dipping" at Tuesdays’ work session, but Councilman John Whidden clarified that he wasn’t questioning that the organizations might fit in more than one category, he was mostly questioning the procedure:

-((John Whiddon :50 "I want to clarify…a fairness issue."))

Whiddon added that the council was very appreciative of non-profits. His comments were echoed by Council woman Pat Branson:

-((Pat Branson :50 "I’m glad that…a little bit clearer."))

The council also had praise last night for the Kodiak Public Library Association which has worked hard to partner with the city to get a new library.

The council accepted a state grant for $6.9 million dollars-which is roughly half of the high end estimate for the new library and all its associated construction costs.

The council also approved entering into an agreement with RISE Alaska, an Anchorage firm with which City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski has dealt with in the past:

-((City Manager :40 "I have had…$130,195"))

RISE President Roe Sturgulewski is a former Kodiak resident.

In other business, the council approved renewed an office lease agreement with the Kodiak Maritime Museum as well as the lease for the city’s use of the borough building.

The council also authorized the bid award for work on the Pillar Creek Dam spillway repair project, the purchase of a new grader and the contract with the state for operating the jail.

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