Park Tries to “Calm” Traffic


Maggie Wall/KMXT

Fort Abercrombie State Park is getting a bit of a face lift that should make it safer and more accessible for visitors.

The entry area is being redesigned to allow better traffic flow and nearby, a new storage building will soon be erected.

Claire LeClare is the deputy director of Alaska State Parks. She says the work being done is called "traffic calming" and that it necessitated taking out a number of trees near the main parking area.

(Abercrombie work :36 "What they’re doing…parking area.")

But that’s not the only changes park visitors will see this summer. A new pole building and a host camping spot will go in near the ranger building:

(Abercrombie work :44 "And then as you…hill to the right.)

The new camping site is necessary because of the plan to expand the turn-around area near the Kodiak Military History Museum at Miller Point. LeClare spoke with KMXT’s Maggie Wall:

(Abercrombie work 1:51 "So this summer…on the bus turnaround.")

Fort Abercrombie is open during construction, but for safety’s sake, it’s advised that drivers be cautious entering the area and be mindful where you park your vehicle.


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