Product Reshuffling Causes Only Slight Confusion


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

A few items might seem out of place at Safeway this month, particularly refrigerated ones. The shuffle of products is a result of the store replacing what Manager Mike Murray describes as "tired" equipment.

(Safeway 1: :22 sec "Over the last week this week … Cheese and dairy products.")

Murray said even more changes are planned for next week.

(Safeway 2: :19 sec "Next week we will replace … side of the department.")

The switch shouldn’t have too much of an impact on customers. The updating of the produce section should only one night. However, he said there will be a few minor changes that will remain in the store.

(Safeway 3: :34 sec "There’s a few categories that … cases throughout Safeway.")

Murray said these renovations will hopefully pave the way for more remodeling in the years to come. He said the cost of the new equipment will not affect prices in the store.


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