Safety Tips for When Bears Come Out of the Woods


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Summer must be in full swing. The salmon are running, the berries are blooming and even the bears are beginning to show there faces. Yes, despite a relatively quiet June and July, the famous Kodiak Brown Bears are beginning to turn up along the road system.

The reports have been relatively low, but area wildlife biologist Larry Van Daele said right now is the time we start to see more of them.

If you have an especially interesting bear story, contact Brianna here at the station. She is in the process of collecting stories for a program to air later in the summer.

(Bear Preview 1: :12 sec "We’ve got the pinks are … in the very near future.")

Van Daele said there a number of things people can do to make sure they don’t run into any conflicts with bears.

(Bear Preview 2: :56 sec "As far as fishing is concerned … during the daytime hours.")

As bear season gets into full swing, Van Daele said people need to be conscious of their own habits when they stop to view bears on the road system.

(Bear Preview 3: :36 sec "The best thing to remember … turn their brains off.")

He said that no one should ever approach a bear, and always pull completely off the road if you decide to stop and view one. As the summer progresses, Van Daele said community members will also need to be more diligent about garbage disposal and not leave things out that the bears can get into.

As always, he welcomes stories or sightings and encourages community members to learn about bears and bear safety to keep everyone safe.

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