Thunderstorm Warning Issued Thursday Night

Maggie Wall/KMXT

It appears that a somewhat unique – for Kodiak anyway – weather phenomena bypassed us last night.

While thunderstorms are common in most of the Continental U.S. and not so unusual for Interior Alaska, they seldom visit Kodiak Island.

Last night the National Weather Service issued a special marine warning for thunderstorms for coastal waters which was followed by an updated local forecast for thunderstorms in the Kodiak area.

Pilots reported thunderstorms at 8:03 p.m. which prompted the special marine warning for Gore Point to Sitkinak, including the Barren Islands and Kamishak Bay waters.

Mariners were advised to immediately seek safe harbor until the storm passed as it was expected to cause gusty winds, high waves, heavy rain and dangerous lightning.

The storm was predicted to produce strong winds of 34 knots or greater over the waters south and east of Kodiak Island.

Satellite imagery showed the thunderstorms moving east northeasterly at 35 knots.

The local forecast called for thunderstorms until midnight.

Thunderstorms generally require warmer air temperatures than Kodiak normally experiences.

Link to a fun site about what causes thunderstorms.

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