Well-Travelled Troop Returns from Europe


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Traveling abroad is not a new concept for Kodiak Girl Scouts Troop 242. A number of the girls travelled to Mexico in 2009 to visit one of four Girl Scouts World Centers. More recently, 17 girls returned from a three-week trip to Europe this summer where they visited two more world centers, making Troop 242, 3 for 4 in world center visits. KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs has more.

Kodiak High School students and Troop 242 members Hannah Dunbar, Shirley Morrin, Leila Pyle and troop leader Deb Houlden-Engvall stopped by KMXT on Tuesday for Talk of the Rock and discussed their exciting trip to Germany, Switzerland and London.

(Girl Scouts 1: :38 sec "It sounds like we just went … for year toward it.")

That’s Houlden-Engvall who was one of four adults that chaperoned the trip. The girls participated in a variety of activities ranging from hiking the Swiss Alps in Switzerland to visiting concentration camps in Germany. For Morrin, watching fellow girl scouts conquer a fear of heights was one of her favorite parts.

(Girl Scouts 2: :25 sec "I think the top thing … thing they could have done.")

Morrin added that meeting people from all over the world really stood out in her experience abroad.

(Girl Scouts 3: :28 sec "There’s many people from … Learn their culture.")

Part of the program at the world centers involves educating the girls about world issues and inspiring them to make a difference. Houlden-Engvall said there were a variety of topics covered from HIV/AIDs prevention to health education for pregnant women in developing countries.

(Girl Scouts 4: :24 sec "There’s eight goals of … we did in London.")

Pyle said her favorite workshop was one in Switzerland about recycling.

(Girl Scouts 5: :39 sec "So one of the things that the … use it over and over.")

Over the course of the three weeks, the girls decided to forgo their iPods and cell phones and truly immerse themselves in the experience. All of the girls said they hope to bring much of what they learned back to the high school and community, but Dunbar said a lot of that will come from their personal actions.

(Girl Scouts 6: :18 sec "I think the three of us individually … yourself.")

The troop plans to have a formal presentation of their trip for the community sometime this fall. As for the fourth world center in India, Houlden-Engvall said they are enjoying what they have done for now, but a future trip isn’t out of the question.

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