Humpy Catch Picking Up

Jay Barrett/KMXT

The pink salmon catch in the Kodiak management area surpassed the red salmon total on Saturday. Fishermen delivered 279,444 humpies to push the season total over the 2-million mark. Sunday’s delivery of nearly 609,000 pinks brought the humpy total to nearly 2.8-million, and the all-species catch to nearly 5.5-million.

With Sunday’s deliveries, the sockeye catch also went over 2-million.

Chum salmon account for almost 600,000 of the all-species total through Sunday, with just over 61,000 coho and over 12,000 king salmon adding to the total.

The Cape Alitak and Humpy-Deadman section, along with the East and Northeast Kodiak area both account for over 1-million each in pink salmon harvest.

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