KHS Tennis Practice Underway


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The Kodiak High School tennis season kicked off with sign-ups yesterday, and the first official practice is today. Coaches Steve Johnston and Ken McCarty brought a couple of team members onto KMXT’s Jock of the Rock Saturday to talk about the upcoming season.

McCarty points out that the team is automatically the regional champion – because there are no other teams in the division.

(Tennis 1 22 sec "And so we’ve been trying … we’re working on that.")

There had been a chance to travel to Fairbanks and Anchorage to play schools there this season, but the relatively new program didn’t have the budget to pull it off. And though it may be the newest sport at Kodiak High School, the participation level has been growing by leaps and bounds:

(Tennis 2 42 sec "When they first started … life, somewhat, to tennis.")

Player Lawrence Velasco said he’s on the court most days during the summer with fellow teammate Alan Santamaria, and though he’s looking forward to the season, he’s not quite as thrilled about summer coming to a close:

(Tennis 3 15 sec "I’m kinda not ready for … school will be better this year.")

Coach Steve Johnston said he’s expecting over 50 students to turn out this season:

(Tennis 4 14 sec "For any students who want … subject to modifications.")

Since the Bears have no regular season opponents, the players scrimmage against each other, and welcome the chance to play members of the community who would like to give them some competition.

The state tennis tournament – which the Bears are guaranteed a berth – will be on October 14th and 15th at the Alaska Club in Anchorage.


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