More Ways to Learn at Kodiak High School


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Just after classes at Kodiak High School started this week, faculty from the Learning Center, an extended learning branch of the high school, stopped by KMXT’s Talk of the Rock public affairs show on Tuesday to discuss opportunities for learning beyond the walls of KHS. KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs has more.

KHS Principal Bill Watkins said the Learning Center and Learning Café offer a variety of non traditional learning methods for students entering high school for the first time or who have left and are looking to return.

(Learning Center 1: :49 sec "Many students fit well Beyond high school.")

Senior Roseann Arcilla (Ar-seela) takes traditional classes at the high school, but also takes a correspondence course through the Learning Center.

(Learning Center 2: :33sec "Right now I’m in … take all my tests.")

Arcilla (Ar-seela) said correspondence learning is a great way for younger students to get ahead, but for her it has allowed her to free up her schedule and take classes with limited offerings while still working toward graduation requirements.

While Arcilla was able to work the education system to her advantage, some students find themselves leaving the system entirely. Kathy Watkins is the program manager for the Learning Café, which aims at getting those students back on track with their education and career goals.

(Learning Center 3: :32 sec "We have students that … program around them.")

Principal Watkins said often times the three programs work together to help a student. He gave a recent example to illustrate his point.

(Learning Center 4: :36 sec "I was working with … has that opportunity.")

Kathy Watkins said the Learning Café operates year round, so anyone interested in their services should contact her through the Learning Center.

I’m Brianna Gibbs.


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