Yes, The Weather Has Been as Good as You Think it’s Been


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

When it comes to weather, many agree that this summer has felt like one of the best in a long time. Temperatures have hit the mid 70s and every other week the island seems to get a couple days straight of sun. Compared to last year, July had almost three and a half less inches of rain than last year.

But even with all the sun and dry weather, the only record set this summer was for the coldest recorded temperature for the day, on August 6. According to National Weather Service data, the previous record was 42 degrees set in 1985, this year the temperature dropped to 39 degrees. Regardless of that one cold weather record, Rich Courtney, a meteorological technician with the national weather service, said the weather has been much better than last year.

Courtney attributes the mild winter last year and the nice weather this summer to a high pressure system.He calls this year a La Nina year, which is different from El Nino.

Courtney said that while this year is definitely better than last, in the grand scheme of things we aren’t too far from average temperature and precipitation levels over time. The average temperature in July this year was 55 degrees with an average maximum of 60 and average minimum of 49. July typically has an average temperature of 54 degrees with an average high of 59 and average low of 48. Last year July was slightly colder, recording an average temperature of 53 degrees with an average maximum of 57 and low of 48. In June, the highest temperature recorded this year was 62 degrees. The highest in July was 71 degrees and so far, the highest temperature in August has been 73 degrees.

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